Teens dating responsiblity

Ask yourself: Is he good about handing in his homework on time?When he says he's going to do something—call his grandmother or feed the dog—does he do it?"Many younger teens, especially girls, think it's fun to post photos of themselves wearing belly shirts or other provocative clothing without really understanding the sexual message it sends," explains Dr. That's yet another reason to friend your kid, so you can see what images he or she is uploading. Is she talking about getting together one-on-one with the boy she likes or hanging out with him in a group of friends?


"How you answer these types of questions tells you whether he can be trusted to follow your rules," says Dr. If you do think your child is mature enough to join Facebook, be prepared to become a member, too (if you're not one already)."Sign up kids ages 13 and 14 yourself, and keep the password so they can't access the account without you," advises Kathryn Rose, a social media expert and author of . That way you can check on postings and conversations, says Jeffrey Jensen Arnett, Ph D, professor of psychology at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts, who also advises setting time limits.



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