Tegoshi yuya dating


Kashiwagi was found of violating the “Love ban rule” yet the voice of the fans was completely ignored, since AKB’s Mg side made no comment related to the scandal.

Kashiwagi went silent on social media shortly before the news came out and stayed so for around a week, leaving her loyal fans worried. Like Aki P said, what once started as an ingredient to spice things up has become quite a pain in the ass for the group as the cost of backlash is outweighing the benefits of exposure. Kinda funny that she seems to be totally disconnected with what’s happening in the group to which she belongs.”I believe this is what Mayu and Yukirin talked during the filming…

A recent 2ch thread starts with some of the sad and angry Twitter responses mentioned Yukirin’s twitter handle: “Are you going to quit?

Some have taken to Twitter, and both AKB and Johnny’s fans alike, bashing on AKB’s Kashiwagi Yuki and Johnny’s Tegoshi Yuya.

1 : 47の素敵な(愛知県)@\(^o^)/ (ワッチョイ da19-t K2W)[] 投稿日:2015/12/09(水) .45 ID: GDai A5EH0[1/4回] AKB48 Kashiwagi Yuki’s present for Jhonnys Tegoshi Yuya’s birthday Shuukan Bunshun previously reported about AKB48 Kashiwagi Yuki (24) and NEWS Tegoshi Yuya (28)’s secret date at a premium hot springs inn in the Hakone prefecture.

So when she tweeted in the morning on Tuesday, fans rejoiced and sent her hundreds of supportive tweets. Looking back from now, all the punishments given to girls that violated the rule were nothing but reality-show method to build loyalty and a cult following around AKB48.” “I’ve never seen the girl on the right side before. Yukirin: “Let me explain about the photos.” Mayu: “Ew… ” Yukirin: “But wait, can you explain me about your instagram first?

It might be really strict, but firing even popular AKB member is a possibility.

If that happens, maybe other popular members will be fired too.

If it’s true, say so; if it’s a lie, please say it is a lie. The source is Bunshu, so please, I want to hear the denial straight from you. Later on in the thread, it seems that Johnny’s fans have joined into the mix: “Just because you got #2 in the election, don’t get carried away” “Sorry, I followed you just to say this.

I really hate people who aren’t straightforward.” “Kashiwagi, you should deny these allegations. You were involved with Tegoshi and that Friday scandal, right?



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    This wasn’t an old model either; no this was a brand new, reissue model deemed safe by Samsung.

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    important to explain your concerns and talk to them about staying safe.

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    The first thing you should know is that Japanese people are weekend night owls.

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