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This little tour through the new features will help you translate old tutorials so you can still use them with the new editor. There's one less step in the process of opening the template.

Now all you have to do is go to "Template" and click the "Edit HTML" button below your "Live on Blog" screenshot.

Blogger just made a big change to the HTML template editor, much to the surprise of many Blogger users — me included!

The new look is a bit startling at first, but don't worry; your template code hasn't changed, it just looks different.

Some of the buttons have obvious uses — the "Back" button takes you back to your Blogger dashboard, the "Save template" button saves your template.

The others need a little explaining: Many Blogger tutorials ask you to check the "Expand Widget Templates" box at the top of the template, but that checkbox is gone now.

It used to be that you had to press "Proceed" on an intermediate screen before getting to the template code, but that's gone now.

But, HTML/Java Script gadgets will show up in this list by their HTML ID number.There's a quick way to find the right widget ID so you can jump right to the widget you want to edit.



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