Ten rules for office dating

If you’re looking for love by the photocopier, what might be the best course of action?Your job sector can make a difference to your love chances.The lesson here is choose your work environment carefully – in a busy multi-company location, your prince or princess charming may not even work in the same firm as you (which can help avoid accusations of career opportunism).Think of that classic office boy-meets-girl fairytale beginning – the eyes meeting across a crowded lift.Transportation & logistics was full of passion in one survey, but deemed a romantic drought area in another, so experiences obviously vary.More important than the job itself is probably the workplace. It seems there’s an awful lot of office romancing going on, with half of office workers in the UK having had a relationship with a colleague. What they did, of course, was meet their partner at work.

Work in an office where the same ten people have sat at the same desks for decades, and the chances of Cupid calling are slim.Choose a workplace where there are new people coming and going and where people socialise and network, and the hopes of meeting the love of your life must surely brighten. And so did thousands of other people all over the world, with or without happy endings.And what’s more, apparently one in five romances that start at work end up in wedding bells.


One survey says publishing, advertising, marketing and real estate are the sectors with the most romantic action happening.Accounting scored low in this survey, though another reported that 45 per cent of those in the financial services had dated a co-worker.



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