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For last then -, Swift’s Attic, Halcyon, Uchi, Uchiko, Mozart’s, Gourdough’s (just to name a few) offer amazing desserts you can share.

You can still enjoy the atmosphere, and surround yourself with people, without having to spending a lot at your favorite restaurants. and The Goodnight on Anderson Lane are two spaces that offer non-traditional bowling lanes in a more urban environment. Go miniature golfing – Peter Pan Mini Golf is always a fun experience, and close enough to downtown, to still enjoy a night of walking to other spots around town. Play a few games of Shuffle Board or Pool – There are more than enough pool halls and shuffle board tables in Austin.

Rebels Honky Tonk is one of my favorite atmospheres to hear country music and watch visitors take a stab at taming the beast! Walk for 5 Minutes and stop where you’re at – There’s nothing better than adding a little spontaneity into your evening and seeing what shows up.

Walking around town allows you to explore new place.

You must try Popcorn and a Movie at Swift’s Attic or any of the desserts at Uchiko. Buffalo Billiards is one of my favorite pool/shuffle board halls.


Feel like your weekend routine doesn’t change and you’re going to the same places in Austin?

Check out our list of 50+ non-drinking things to do in, and around, Austin!



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