Thailand views hook up sex

Ask her to show you where you might be able to buy electronics or get sushi.

These chicks have massive amounts of time to waste, so if she's into you at that point, she'll show you a venue or two within the mall.

The music is generally good, although usually too loud for my taste. It is one giant room with small tables scattered throughout.

I've also repeated multiple times that RCA and Ratchada are the places you're going to want to hit up.

These are like clusters of clubs that middle class to upper class Thai people hit up.

They'll usually first ask me about muay thai, since they're more familiar with that.

Talk up how you love muay thai but You don't want her to think of you as a muay thai fighter, which is a low class occupation in Thailand.

I know that a bunch of people here are going to scream "OH THAT'S SO FUCKIN BETA, YOU'RE PANDERING TO HER AND BEING HER SUPPLICATING BITCH." It's 75 fucking cents, just pay it.

Believe me, you'll lose a lot more by not paying it.


I would tell girls that I am looking for muay thai equipment since I am training here before going back to China/Singapore to start my business.

After a comment like that, there are a million directions in which that conversation can now go.


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