The dating system of bc to ad

This is so stupid that I can’t even allow myself to believe Joe Cienkowski doesn’t get it, that’s why I’m categorizing it as a filthy lie.What interests me more is the fact that there are other calendar eras that are in common use today.The wee Dennis had no more proof of Jesus than any modern person, and in fact may have known LESS about Jesus than we do.The only significance of Dennis the Midget’s calendar era system is that Dennis (along with all the rest of the western world that wasn’t currently tied to sticks and being burned alive) that Jesus was born on or around the year 1CE because the Western Christian calendar era is denoted Anno Domini or Before Christ, then I wouldn’t have a reason to write a post about it. Joe is stating that one proof of Jesus’s existence is that some of us use AD or BC when we write dates.



Let’s do some good old fashioned learnin’ about things, mkay?The Western Christian calendar era was introduced by the monk, I shit you not, Dennis the Short in 525CE in what is now Romania.


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