The death of dating badger herald

In evidence yesterday, Mc Kenna told his solicitor, Miss Rhona Wark, that the badger was in fact shot some time in July last year.

It was discovered in a deep freeze in a hut at his home when an RSPB investigating officer and police arrived looking for poison in connection with the death of a buzzard.

He told depute-fiscal Nancy Morrison that he had no way of knowing that the law had been changed.


After photographing the animal, he returned to his home to consult the book Fair Game published in 1987.

The volume, the court was told, was a standard reference for gamekeepers and others in similar employment.

The keeper told Miss Wark that he had found the remains of 40 to 50 young pheasant poults on the estate and was puzzled over the way in which they had been killed.

Their carcasses had been ripped open and the crops removed.

Mc Kenna said that, after reading the book, he was under the impression he was entitled to shoot the badger, which he then did.Because of pressure on his time he then put it in a deep freeze -- then forgot all about it.


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