The following error occurred validating the name domain


The 'account-name' field is mandatory when creating a new account.It specifies whom the registrant contact (and domain names) is registered for and cannot be modified by the registrar at a later date.This error occurs where the key used to sign the request has not been registered with our system.It is not possible to determine either the validity of the message or the requestor’s identity.Details on how to add a new key can be found on our PGP registration page.If using PGP 9 or above, please also check that the Hash algorithm is set to SHA-1.The hash setting should be displayed at the top of a signed message and can changed within the PGP program by double clicking on your key and selecting edit from the hash drop down menu.


The Automaton checks each message's subject line to determine what action to take with the request.If this does not correspond to one of the possible actions it returns this error.


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