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Now, I hope I didn’t embarrass myself with my choice of superpower or favorite sitcom…

—Amy Nothing like finding comfort in life from the character of a serial killer! That’s precisely the point of my site, The Dating Optimist: Positive life messages can be found in the craziest places, sometimes.

It’s about standing tall and proud in your own life, looking up and outward and sending the message that you are open and ready for love. So check out Tanita’s site, as she makes some great points about that has featured my App.

“Now suddenly you are going out into the world with all this energy that says you are tired, you are over it, but do you still want to date me? ) In the story “Spring Clean Your Love Life,” writer Elisa Benson featured some of our fun and purely positive tips on how to dump your bad memories and bummer attitude and embrace a happier, healthier, lov-ier you in your dating life.

Pick up the new March 2011 issue of What a great honor this month: A fabulous journalist named Suzy Greaves wrote about the concept of dating optimism in a three-page feature called “The Optimist’s Guide to Dating” in the most recent issue of —with it’s science-based focus on the neuropsychology of thinking positively and the benefits of being optimistic about love—fit right in.


And I want to do my part to help you work on your focus to find them all around you.

Joy and optimism can be ours if we make the choice to use it.


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    There are a number of genetic mutations that humans can suffer from that will probably never be ended unless we actively intervene and genetically engineer the next generation to withstand these problems.

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