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The story contains female beauty enhancement(short slim woman growing tall busty and curvy), drastic height increase, female muscle growth, breast growth, ass growth, foot growth, clothes ripping, regular size guy on giantess sexual activities, giantess giving oral to guy, giantess nipple licking, giantess hand held, insertion of head up to shoulders, amazon woman beating up mysterious man like creature and there are also a couple celebrity look alikes.

The growing is to tall, then very tall, busty and curvy and then 50'+ height.

Things go awry when the machine takes and gives more than it is supposed to...

More mischief ensues when everyone gets drunk and more people mess around with the equalizer, now renamed the Unequalizer.

The Unequalizer is a spin off from Something In The Water and there is some crossover, including a very familiar blue serum.

The collectors edition has a grand total of 203 images. The comic will also be uploaded on GTSArtists here later this week: More of ZZZ's Comics The Unequalizer is now available here: The Unequalizer is the story of Robert, a man who thanks to his foreign exchange student roommate Yumiko, finds a powerful machine capable of exchanging body mass between two living things.

When his best friend Sarah is badly injured in a mixed fighting style arena of the UFFMG(Ultimate Female Fighting Machine Global), Rob tries to help her by "equalizing" their bodies.




I'll keep all my comic updates in this thread so things are less cluttered :)The Sizemancer Quest is now available for sale here: ZZZ's Comics The Sizemancer Quest is the beginning of a journey across various lands filled with many mythical races, magic, monsters, and normal sized women becoming amazons and giantesses.

Along the way the characters will resolve personal issues, help troubled people and have lots of sex and size changes.


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