The right one dating service

Why would I be asked to come all the way down to an expensive office on a 2nd floor in Valley Forge to discuss possibilities.When they finally came and got me, I was placed in a room and directed to sit and the pitch began.(ie, the beginning of signing your rights away and then they hit you. Charges begin: 0 for a background check, non-refundable. Next, another charge of ,350 for preparation and processing, also non-refundable.Now a guy that has two jobs and is a part time student doesn't typically have this kind of dough.Before I could get that out of my mouth, they said, no problem! They are charging me 2.52 interest for that little favor!We'll set something up for you so you can afford it! I didn't really drink that in before we were on to the next section in the agreement. I have some software that automatically fills out forms on Internet sites and if you don't have it set correctly, it will submit your info to the site owner when you may NOT have wanted it to.I noticed a video camera on the wall looking at me.



If that wasn't enough there was the remainder of the initial Package charge amounting to 45.

After I get home and go over these numbers and have the time to read the entire agreement, I am owing The Right One Dating Service ,707.52 for dates that may, but are very unlikely to happen, according to my research of other victims of a company who preys on lonely hearts, who's only crime is wanting someone to love.


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    The area is believed to contain well over 200 domestic structures.

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    You can then upgrade, with add-ons, like Personal matchmaker or Priority Status.

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