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“We all want to do it, so I’m hoping that it happens.” If the movie does materialize, it’ll have to work around Kane’s schedule on “The Librarians,” which TNT renewed for a 10-episode third season last week.

“I walked into this, and I really have to give credit to Noah Wyle, because he taught me that it’s okay to make fun of yourself,” Kane said of the series, which also stars Rebecca Romijn.

“And so I started doing that on this show, and I didn’t realize how much fun that actually was.

Some of his fans, though, wonder if he was trained or if he’s just a natural.It’s a question Christian often ducks–but not this time.I grew up with the best teachers in the world, Anthony Hopkins, Tom Cruise, the guys I was watching on TV, that was my acting class.” “But,” he continues, “I gotta be honest, I’m not gonna come out to Los Angeles and pay somebody 0 a freaking week when it’s already hard enough to live in this city.Good news for “Leverage” fans, Christian Kane thinks a movie follow-up will happen.

“Some people can go to acting class and it’s really good for them.Especially if you happen to not be working at the time, it keeps you honed.



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    It is my experience if early results come easily one runs the risk of not learning how to be tough and dedicated as a career progresses.

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