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Read more In our series "First meeting with..." we're going on a first date with musicians to ask them, as much as possible, some intimate questions and to give them a chance to show the best side - just like on a first date.

Tom and Bill Kaulitz, the twins from Tokio Hotel, are rock stars by definition, living in Los Angeles and they're one of the most famous people in this country, who can not even move unnoticed on the streets.

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No one in the world is more prepared to bask in the glow of American rock stardom than the members of Tokio Hotel. "Things are just starting for us in the US," says Bill Kaulitz, the band's front man, the leader of a worldwide army of black leather...

release, the follow up to 2008's Scream, but to millions of fans across the globe, they're already icons.

Bill: Well, you don't have that much choice in the village. Bill: It's important that the twin brother has a good relationship to the partner as well though it is much more difficult for the partners because they have to be in a relationship with two person and especially we are the first attachment figures for each other. I would not listen to a whole Drake album but I asolutely liked particular songs "Hold on, We're Going Home" Bill: Yes, this was a good one. Tom: We had several together, well at least a few where we thought they were good, I remember several. I'm not in the game since about four or five years because I have a girlfriend. When I didn't want them anymore I passed them to Bill. You mean that Tom is the womanizer and you are the shy one? Tom: But I have to say that I'm not a womanizer anymore. But we'll eventually get them out of their comfort zone, in a musical and personal terms.


On a double-date with Bill and Tom Kaulitz we went on a romantic walk with their two dogs Pumbaa (and the other one), in which we talked about marriage and children, desires, cars, fans, possible occupational choices, hardcore or business student... Of course it was hardly to cover all of the important questions. Our taste was kinda similar but now after getting a little older it changed a little bit, not Tom? Tom: As a teenager you always think things are good when they just look good. Do you have a say to each other when it's up to dates? There is nothing Tom does not know about me and it's the same reverse. Tom: There are so many people we pay every month who have to deal with different things but if we have to control everything at the end it takes us so much time. It is difficult because I can only do my job in a good way if I have a free mind. I always have to do everything immediately and I don't appreciate people who are frowzy. Bill: Yes, it's also like that I always have a notepad with me and I'm totally organized (laughs). An important first date question: do you listen to Drake? Tom: Is it good to listen to him or not (unknowing people in the room are shaking their heads). If the song has been done well and if it has a catchy melody then I have respect at least.


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