Tomtom map updating

It will also let you make map corrections yourself as you drive.

It is easy to use and to get started you will have to download the Tom Tom Home application and then install the Map Share functionality.

Tom Tom free map updates are available using the Tom Tom Map Share technology.

This is a free to use service and lets you download new map edits from a community of other Tom Tom users and customers.

Once you have selected the model of GPS you use you can then choose whether to download new map updates.

However, these are not official updates and cannot be guaranteed to be completely accurate as you are relying on another Tom Tom user to have updated your GPS.

By signing-up you can access four new map downloads every year to make sure you always drive with the latest routes and directions, or you can simply purchase a one-off map refresh.

This is entirely to be expected as roads can change, new highways can be built, the priority can be altered on junctions, and business can move addresses.

If you want Tom Tom map updates and need to refresh the maps on your Tom Tom GPS then our short guide will tell you what you need to know about downloading new Tom Tom maps.

If you're OK with this, you can continue using our sites.


If you own a Tom Tom GPS Sat Nav then the chances are at some point you will have experienced your maps on the device not being completely up to date.

These are the Tom Tom map download options available to customers.


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