Top 10 most intimidating songs

Being a henchman generally isn't the most glamorous job in cinema: made to do all of the dirty work that your chosen super villain wouldn't stoop to, sometimes you'll feel like no more than glorified errand boys.

It's important to mention though, that without these brawny appendages doing the scheming brain's bidding very little would get done. While it's true that we're drawn to the darker side of humanity as viewers, it's easy to overlook these foot soldiers to the troubled genius in command.

Particularly some heavy rock or metal songs, and hard rap songs.

Rock songs like For Whom The Bell Tolls by Metallica, I Stand Alone by Godsmack, 10's by Pantera, Hey Man Nice Shot by Filter, Down With The Sickness by Disturbed, etc...

Rap songs like X Is Coming For You by DMX, Intro (It's Dark and Hell Is Hot) by DMX, Go To Sleep by Eminem, etc...

They don't necessarily have to be about something scary, just have that kind of feel. What are some good songs that have somewhat of a creepy atmosphere to them.


They don't necessarily have to be about something scary, just have that kind of feel.

"Jose Aldo comes out to 'Run This Town' for a reason."UFC commentator Joe Rogan couldn't have put it any better.


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