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How a lioness loves and protects her cubs, if you will, that is how we came to feel about the characters in this story.

Democratic strategists will spend years seeking answers to how they could have charged into Tuesday's elections with such high hopes only to suffer such a catastrophic, across-the-board defeat. A Donald Trump campaign adviser says the Republican Party will cease to exist if its leaders don't get fully behind Trump.“The American people gave Donald Trump a mandate tonight,” Karen Giorno, a senior adviser to the campaign, told The...

Wisconsin had not even been on most people’s list of...


An Exaltation of Larks grabbed us instantly, the words mesmerising us and the characters burrowing deep within our hearts from the onset.

This story is so flawlessly written producing an epic saga of love that’s not to be missed.

We thoroughly felt every single emotion so passionately, as the undercurrents of love, lust and friendship literally bled from the pages into our soul whilst we had a front seat to an incredible depth and attention to detail.

We came to know every character, what made them who they are and were, as well as their unique personality features, with us growing, living and experiencing life alongside them, we also grew to fall in love and develop an innate protectiveness and understanding of each and every one of them.


Enough of getting taken for idiots by the elites, ripped off by the big banks, losing their jobs to globalist trade. This election is not a victory for the Republican... Trump shocked the world Tuesday, winning election as the 45th president of the United States. The American people have risen up and roared: enough!


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