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Standing right on the bank of the Tarn River it is largely constructed using the attractive pink stone found in the region, like its great southern cousin Toulouse.

However, it’s not just the city that’s worth seeing.

We pick 5 day trips that make visiting Toulouse even more worthwhile.

Although it’s actually in the city, this museum has more than enough to keep you occupied all day.

It’s worth setting aside serious time to appreciate the beautiful 14th century Augustinian convent architecture and the fine art exhibitions it houses.

The guided cruise is an excellent way to peacefully view the impressive cities and surroundings that line the banks of this iconic UNESCO-protected waterway.

Montauban is an elegant and impressive commune in the South of France.

80 kilometers away, Albi is a remarkable UNESCO World Heritage City.

It is rich in tradition and authenticity, and particularly worth seeing is St Cecilia’s cathedral, a remarkable gothic structure that is the largest brick-made cathedral in the world.

241 km in length, the Canal du Midi runs from the city of Toulouse to the Mediterranean, and acts as an ideal scenic route for taking advantage of the beautiful scenery of the region.

Enjoy on foot, by bike or make a day out of it by voyaging down the calm, relaxing waters by boat.


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