Travis wall dating ivan Laos freevfuck

Very new, apparently, since the two met for the first time only ten days ago at the the Power 106 All Star Celebrity Basketball Game in LA.

Title: Teach Me Fandom: So You Think You Can Dance RPSPairing: Travis Wall/Ivan Koumaev Rating: NC-17Word Count: 825Disclaimer: I do not own Travis Wall or Ivan Koumaev. Summary: " In hindsight Ivan should have known that coming to Neil of all persons during his big, gay freak-out was a bad idea"A/N: I tried to resist this fandom but nooo, also unbeta'd Title: to never regret means you have to forget Pairing: Neil Haskell/ Kent Boyd (SYTYCD Season 3/7) Rating: RSummary: (Baseball AU) The ridiculously long story of how Neil met Kent in Fall League and everything changed.

Continuity: Takes place during and just after the SYTYCD season finale. The characters herein are based on real people, but the words and events are completely made up.

Summary: Adam gives Jakob some tips on coming in second. They are not intended to be mistaken for fact, and no libel is intended.

(34k words, omg)Author's Notes: Essentially this whole shebang started with saying, "You have to see this video." And I watched it and my heart broke three times AND THEN she showed me the baseball one and I was like, "I know, I will fix it with a short ficlet of baseball AU!

" We went to a Fall League game and it devolved from there.

So basically I'm telling you I have awesome friends, you should all know that.



Drummer Travis Barker just confirmed that he and Rita Ora are in the early stages of a new relationship.

And I couldn't have done half of the baseball related stuff with out as I was stumbling about the reality like I usually do, half cocked and a little tired.

She gave me love and grammar and a huge reality check.

Notes: Thanks to RPSPairing: Travis Wall/Ivan Koumaev Rating: NC-17Word Count: 12,113Disclaimer: I do not own Travis Wall or Ivan Koumaev. No offense is intended and no profit is being made.


From there essentially held my hand and fed me feedback for three months.She detailed the plot points I missed and even though she ended up frustrated with one of the leads she STILL betaed it for me, so I owe her my heart and any other organs for transplant.


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