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In no way Trend Micro Email Gateway, End-Point, nor server protections was alerted that an end point was having a suspicious activity on server by systematically processing each directory and files the user has read and write access to.I'm even thinking that the virus execution was triggered when it was sent automatically to Trend Micro (Some files correlates with the time the encryption process has started).Now about security software in general: They should lock out a user which is bulk modifying or deleting files until an system administrator gives clearance. Secondly, because Microsoft doesn't even comprehend the concept of sand boxing.A so-called security product should add a few keys in the SOFTWARE RESTRICTION POLICY in order to prevent execution of executables in %(Local)?Does that mean the agent version is not an updateable component and I'm supposed to redeploy every time there's an update? I didn't even noticed my agents were outdated until I installed on a new client and noticed the newer version number. I'm a bit puzzled with how I'm supposed to keep Trend Micro Worry Free Business Security Services updated.

I did find this Updateable Components document and the Agent Version isn't listed.

Will make at least your data "safe" from fire, physical robberies Or and cloud storage. It causes Windows devices (laptops and surface pro tablet) to run at snail's pace or freeze completely.


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