Trigger if updating dating ne demek


triggers can turn themselves and other triggers on and off, which allows to define a complex state-dependent system of triggers. If advanced connection properties are required, open the file once (using 'File' - 'Open') with the desired connection properties.Most strings in the trigger system are Spr-compiled, i.e. This will create an item in the 'Open Recent' file list (which remembers connection properties).Actions are performed consecutively; if one action fails, typically the execution of the event is aborted (i.e. A trigger must be both enabled and on in order to get executed.The enabled state is set by the user; a disabled trigger has no function.When a trigger action is executed, Kee Pass loads the connection properties from the corresponding item (same path/URL) in the 'Open Recent' file list.


If you enable the option 'Turn off after executing actions', the trigger will be off after running once.There are actions to turn triggers on and off, i.e. Most trigger actions having a file path/URL parameter only allow specifying the path/URL and possibly credentials (user name and password) for accessing the file; advanced connection properties (like timeout, user agent, passive mode, etc.) cannot be specified here.


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