Trinity mirror dating

The Trinity Season Lectionary is that system of Collects [2], Epistles and Gospels that we hear prayed, read and preached each year on Sundays at the Holy Communion services in the Book of Common Prayer.The pattern of readings begins on Trinity Sunday, the Sunday after Pentecost, and stretches through the last half of the Church year up to the Sunday Next Before Advent.Consider the first half of the Church year from Advent to Pentecost.There is general agreement that these readings have been chosen to take us through the doctrines of the Creed.


The choice of a lectionary by the Churchs learned doctors to cover all the doctrines necessary for our salvation helps to overcome the limitations of its preachers.

The Church can also guide its preachers, and through them its laity, into a particular way of interpreting and understanding Scripture through the deliberate selection of Epistles to go with Gospels that are related to the same doctrine it wishes to have taught.


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