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Shannon Mercer said the past 10 years have torn her family apart, and it's only recently the family has started to heal.Allen had said Samantha fell down the stairs and he rushed her to hospital."Sloppy is the word that comes to mind," Mitchell said to reporters in Truro on Wednesday."They did it in such a sloppy and disorganized way." Mitchell's report pulls no punches.Enjoy fun in the sand and sea at Melmerby Beach Provincial Park in Pictou County. There are fully equipped changing rooms and washrooms.


The grandmother of a toddler who died more than 11 years ago wants an apology from Truro, N.S., police after an independent review found the local force did not handle the investigation properly.


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    The stunning admission comes after everything he and his estranged wife, Linda, have been through — and one that could intensify certain speculation.

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    , dolphin watching, sailing, snorkeling, jet skiing, wind surfing, and kite boarding are just a few of the activities taking place daily in the Laguna Madre here at South Padre Island.

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