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The rest of the buildings and rides were totally unready, present- ing bleak fronts to the huge initial Influx into the area.

Only about 10% of the midway was in complete operation opening day, with those concessions in par- tial operation raising the estimate to 30%.

At pri- vate showings, wllnout settings or costumes, the visitors aroused en- thusiasm among those asked to at- tend.

This is In line wit' the recently declared preparedness budget adopt- by the Kingdom, Refugee Artists Group, with a Viennese revue similar to 'Chauve- Souris,* is attracting the attention of Broadway showmen, several having been mentioned as consid- ering financing the show.

And the midway is still a shambles of unpaved roads ' and unfinished buildings.

It won't be before June 1 that the Fair will be operating 100%. While the exhibit area is far more advanced than the amusement zone, this also is In a state of Incomplete- ness, particularly the foreign section.

Refugees are to get modest salaries and the proceeds will go to aid other refugees.

Labor ttfok the severest rap; secondly the penurious status of many of the con- cessionaires. "The Fair's front office management quickly seized upon alibis to explain away the midway's condition.


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