Tuba buyukustun dating cansel elcin

Someone says : She's asking you, she's not asking Ilkay.

Saba : Which qualities of a woman would attract you to her?

( Turkish ppl call blue or green eyes "colorful" eyes) Saba: No colorful eyes?

Cagatay: What I mean by colorful eyes is either blue or actual green eyes.

In fact, if you wore green, they'd look more greenish.

There are things that people need to experience and if she experienced that before me, I can only respect that and not bother her about it. She can wear anything she wants when she's with me.

Cagatay I loveeeeeeeeeee You, I'm Dua Niaz from Karachi, Pakistan. I'm just the way you want your ideal girl to be, I swearrrrr I pray to Allah you read this, Inshaa'Allah I promise one awesome day I'll certainly meet you in Turkey Inshaa'Allah, My dad promised me this.is one of the aims of my life, I'm a beautiful and studious person.. ARE REALLY KILLER I WANT TO MEET U ONCE IN MY LIFE I REALLY LIKE U NOW I AM 16 YEARS OLD ONLY BUT I WANT WHEN I'LL COMPLETE MY COLLAGE I WANT TO COME IN YOUR COUNTRY TURKEY MY DREAM IS TO MEET U YOIR PERFORMANCE IN SERIAL FERIHA WAS REMARKABLY OUTSTANDING I WNT U TO READ MY COMMENT PLZ PLZ READ. And I am trying very hard too contact you from any source or website etc.

Since this video is among the popular contents, I decided to translate what's been said here.


I said that because I'm sitting close to you right now. Deniz Uğur: So it looks when you're looking from there!



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