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3- You can approach at 5AM on dark, creepy streets more easily than “Hey I’m Tyler…” 4- You can yell down girls from across the bar to come over and answer a question for you.

5- MOST IMPORTANT: It gives girls an excuse to talk to you…

If you go to a party you feel a knee-jerk reaction to bust out an opinion opener which causes you to become “One of those weird guys who you have to keep away from the party because he runs around spitting canned material and can’t chill with people…” 5- Breeds terrible habits as a newbie because you become an external validation junkie and can’t hold your state unless you’re getting constant laughs and buying temperature.

I heard the “I need a female opinion on something” somewhere, tested it out, and started using it as a prefix to many of my openers. PROS: 1- You can stop big, moving groups of girls with them.

Over the next three years it became used by pretty much everybody. 2- You can start conversations with guy/girl groups without tripping out the guy.

You can always count on RSD’s Tyler Durden for a unique perspective on anything related to the seduction community.

An Overview of Opinion Openers Opinion openers were popularized in 2003 by yours truly. ” Anyway, a few 100% unbiased PROS and CONS to demystify this whole deal…

That goes for both lack of intelligence (many attractive girls are incapable of holding a conversation however if you give them an easy topic they can speak on it) as well as giving her to option to say to her over-protective friends “I’m just answering his question!!


Tyler Turden just sent me this short post about his take on openers, specifically opinion openers.

Many people wonder if openers will still work with the exposure they’ve gotten via “The Game” and VH1’s Pick-up Artist.



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    It is also a story of frustration and a government unwilling to invest in exploring “inner space” with anything like the money and resources poured into outer space.

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