Tyra dating drake

His 20 song album showcases all of his talents as an MC and singer.

After he brought the heat with Ri Ri in “Work,” we didn’t know if he could top it. Hollywood Lifers, what do YOU think about Drake’s new music video?

Played to full slapstick effect, Drake gets a cheesecake to the face and is then covered in red wine, which he remains covered in as he starts rapping the first verse all mournful. Chances are, is probably off your rotation by now, but watching the video did remind me what a great song ‘Child’s Play’ is.


Drake, 29, blew our minds when he dropped the music video for his sizzling single “Child’s Play” on Sept.3, and boy, did he make it a feature of epic proportions!To top off the Drake dessert, she even poured a glass of red wine all over his head! Our girl Tyra knew something was up, especially when she addressed that another woman called him “Aubrey,” a name too personal for most fan girls.Of course, she makes a grande departure by saying, “cheers boo.” Drizzy shamelessly begins rapping the catchy lyrics, obviously not worried in the least about his appearance.

The lengthy clip begins with the rapper peacefully washing his hands in the bathroom, before realizing that his cell phone isn’t in his pocket.

By the time he gets out to greet his girlfriend (Tyra Banks) in the high-class restaurant, it’s too late!



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