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Permanent Virtual Circuits A permanent virtual circuit (PVC) is a dedicated logical path that connects twodevices over a network.When configured, a PVC is always available to theconnected devices; a PVC does not require setup before data can travel across thenetwork, nor does it need to be disconnected after data has passed.Frame relay is a connection-oriented protocol, which means that it relies onend-to-end paths between devices connected across the network.It implementsthese connections using permanent virtual circuits (PVCs) or switched virtualcircuits (SVCs).This minimizes the processing required foreach packet, allowing frame relay networks to operate at high speeds with fewnetwork delays.


Frame relay is a high-speed, packet-switching WAN protocol that connectsgeographically dispersed LANs.

Frame relay is usually offered by a publicnetwork provider; however, private organizations can acquire and manage theirown frame relay networks as well.



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