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It is that any geochronology data model be generic enough to describe as many of these systems as possible.Some methods are little more complex such as argon-argon which involves irradiating a sample prior to analysis or fisson-track which measures the damage done to a crystal lattice when uranium isotopes fission.Because of differences in geochemical behaviour between isotopes and elements some of these systems also provide important geochemical information about processes such as crustal and mantle evolution. Journal of African Earth Sciences, 32, 103-l14.{{Information |Description={{en|1=Concordia diagram, as used in U-Pb dating, with data from the Pfunze Belt, Zimbabwe. U-Pb zircon ages from a craton-margin Archaean orogenic belt in northern Zimbabwe.


Because geochronology is a vital component of understanding geology and geological processes it is equally vital that means be developed to freely and easily exchange data.

The following is the tentative first step in building a geochronology information model in the Geo Sci ML mileau, particularly for exchanging absolute radiogenic isotopic geochronology data at first, but there are already clearly potential overlap with stable isotope and other geo/chemical domains.



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