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It had 92 members and was presided over, as Speaker, by Sir John Bowes Griffin, a British lawyer and former Ugandan Chief Justice.

During this period, Prime Minister Milton Obote abrogated the constitution and declared himself President of Uganda in 1966.

The most significant of the institution's functions, is to pass laws which will provide good governance in the country.

The government ministers are bound to answer to the people's representatives on the floor of the house.

The Ugandan parliament is composed of 238 Constituency Representatives, 112 District Woman Representatives, 10 Uganda People's Defence Forces Representatives, 5 Representatives of the Youth, 5 Representatives of Persons with Disabilities, 5 Representatives of Workers, and 13 ex officio Members.

This body was then known as the Legislative Council (LEGCO).

Following the overthrow of Idi Amin in April 1979, a new legislative body known as the Uganda Legislative Council was established.

With an initial membership of 30, the membership was later increased to 120.


Through the various parliamentary committees, parliament scrutinises government programmes, particularly as outlined in the State of the Nation Address by the President.

The fiscal issues of the government, such as, taxation and loans need the sanction of the parliament, after appropriate debate.


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