Uk dating culture


But it’s not all shallow swipes and fast holograms.In Britain, one in five relationships begin on the internet as nine million of us attempt to find love online per day.


And according to recent studies they're more successful than those that start out in a more traditional sense.

Research carried out by psychologists at Chicago University found that just over a third of couples who married between 2005–2012 met via the internet and had a 25 per cent higher success rate than those who met face to face.

We have the choice to be more sexually open and break societal norms in choosing a partner, searching a more diverse cross-section of society. You can receive a rather attractive 20% discount should you decide to upgrade.

Psychology lecturer Dr Jeff Gavin has researched the social science behind dating sites, disproving theories that online communication hinders our rapport.

Developments in technology are shaping our day-to-day lives and that includes our dating rituals. You might view online dating like a scene from Logan’s Run: watching Michael York’s character beam in potential dates and swipe the proverbial left until the right woman shimmers into view.

Certainly, for techno-cynics and cyber-phobes alike, the recent swell in online dating may leave you feeling more isolated than before, bewilderingly clicking into a dystopian near-future.


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