Uk mobile dating industry trends

Looking ahead to 2015, Mintel’s Senior Trend Consultant Richard Cope discusses the four key UK consumer trends identified by Mintel for 2015 - and what this will mean for both consumers and brands in the year ahead.“Smart devices – from watches to ceiling fans – appeal to consumers because they save time and money, promise convenience, control, knowledge and self-analysis.For the ‘smart home’ to flourish, security concerns need to be addressed.In the near future, we expect home internet providers to offer synced leisure and home appliance systems.““While wearables have already been adopted by consumers to a degree, the potential is far greater.One in five (21%) UK adults already use either a wearable device or a health-related mobile app.


Today’s tech savvy consumers are are also showing an interest in investing more in smart home appliances, indeed, in the UK, as many as 76% of potential TV buyers say they are interested in a TV with the ability to wirelessly stream content from other devices and a further 28% say they would pay more for this feature.Meanwhile, over a third (34%) of UK fridge shoppers expect or would pay more for a bar code reader synced to online shopping.


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