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Their common primeval language provided a framework for belles-lettres.



Nothing like this book has ever been published anywhere around the world. George International Charity Foundation (Jargan), 2002 Introduction Who Makes a Nation? They are the title nation of Turkey, a big country in West Asia and a long-familiar name for the rest of the world for its distinct identity, ancient customs and traditions, and high and unique culture, a subject of a myriad of books and features.

The Way We Speak Peering Through the Ages An Ivory Tower Discovery A Story Told by the Rocks A First Wave Rolls from the Altai First Light on the Ancient Altai The Spruce Festival Ancient Altai Artists A Miraculous Discovery Made by Chance How Mysterious the Scythians Really Were A Gift from Tengri The God of Heaven The Turkis in India The Turkis in Iran The Illustrious Khan Erke Bound for the Steppe The Great Migration of the Peoples Khan Aktash Idel The Caucasus The Turkis and Christianity The Cross on Europe's Temples The Turkis and the Byzantine Empire Emperor Constantine the Perfidious The Battle for the Don The Turkis in Europe Rome's Duplicity Europe Arose in the Altai Attila, the Turkic Ruler The Turkis as Priscus of Byzantium Saw Them Battling with Europe's United Army Attila's Death The New Desht-i-Kipchak Appendix The Steppe is our Homeland and the Altai is our cradle Introduction Many people, in fact billions of them around the Earth, speak Turkic languages today, and have done so since the beginnings of history, from snow-swept Yakutia in Northeast Asia to temperate Central Europe, from chilly Siberia to torrid India, and even in a good many villages in Africa. At the other end of the Turkic world, the Tofalars, numbering only a few hundred, are not someone you can tell much about.

Moscow This book is about the Turkic people, from its rise in the Altai Mountains and its spillover to the rest of the Eurasian continent.

The touching narrative and thrilling legends relate about little-known facts of world history and the life as it really was for the ancient Turkis, their contribution to human civilization, their victories and setbacks.


Which means a word that is one thing in one place may be a completely different thing in another.This diversity of meaning makes the Turkic languages fathomless, on top of their simplicity and ancient heritage. There was a time, too long ago, when all members of the Turkic race spoke one tongue that everyone understood in every corner of the Turkic world.


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