Understanding women the definitive guide to meeting dating


and sometimes humbly sharing “Why This One’s Hard.” She often makes light-hearted digs such as “I hate Greg” or calls him a know-all, while assuring the reader that she’s no stranger to those pesky delusions about why that guy hasn’t called. Apparently, caring Greg is yelling at us so loud because he hopes he can “drown out some of that other noise.” Personally, I’m not convinced.Liz is there to convince you just how much you need Papa Greg to speak the truth and guide you towards your destiny as Some Guy’s Perfect Woman (if you’d only stop chasing men who aren’t interested and let him come and find you). He might be full of supportive validation for his readers but it seems to me that he’s actually just yelling along with the usual cacophony of sexist voices (surprise, surprise, it just happens there are ads for and not only are you foxy, smart and a whole heap of other pleasing adjectives but also deserving of everything you want (which, incidentally, Greg and Liz seem to assume includes marriage; chapter 7 is even called There seems to be an assumption running through this book that we women are so selfish and vain that a bit of feel-good, self-esteem enhancing rhetoric is all it’ll take to persuade us to tow the party line.


is intended to educate “otherwise smart women” on how to tell when a guy just doesn’t like them enough.

The book is written by Sex and the City ex-writers Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo, and is cleverly targeted at the modern woman who, just like the girls in the show, is taken to analyzing the “puzzling behaviour of men” over coffee and cocktails with her friends.



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