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She went so far as to call it "one of the best companies I’ve ever worked for." Later in the thread, she defended the core service Ashley Madison offers: " …

Because every person's story was different, I could never judge the company for the actions of thousands of people." The company, however, was a frequent target of ire.

Have an affair." But one former employee recently took to Reddit to defend the company she once worked for, revealing what it's like to work at the dating site.

Sadly, the Q&A thread as a whole doesn’t give us any new information about the recent hack."Groups of women would band together and 'help' women catch their husbands on the site," she wrote. "We’d receive death threats constantly," said the poster.It does, however, provide interesting context about a company many think to be immoral.This anonymous person had a very positive experience at the company.


Many people think Ashley Madison provides an unethical service, helping married people cheat on their spouses.After all, its registered tag-line is "Life is short.



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