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It suspended its involvement earlier this year, however.IS controls large areas of Iraq and Syria, and has carried out a series of attacks in the Gulf, including bombings of Shiite mosques in both Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.() US security officials said the United Arab Emirates stopped flying airstrikes against the IS militia in Syria after its capture of a downed Jordanian pilot, since murdered. () Judges in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have ordered 11 terror suspects to be jailed for life.The statement also alleged the accused had acquired firearms and explosives through money raised from "foreign terrorist groups." Although mass trials related to terror offenses are rare in the UAE, this is the second such case in the Gulf country in recent years.In 2013, it sentenced more than 60 people to jail for links to Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood.The country has been on alert for possible IS attacks on its soil, and has also increased security measures by implementing tougher anti-terror legislation and harsher penalties for crimes linked to religious hatred.


The United Arab Emirates' top prosecutor Salem Saeed Kubaish said in a statement Sunday that the suspects were part of a highly organized cell that had planned to carry out terrorist acts against the country's leadership and civilians."They were planning to harm public and private institutions, take power in the UAE and create a caliphate that matches their ideologies," Kubaish said, adding that the suspects called themselves the Minaret Youth Group.



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