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Digital natives tend to use technology for numerous tasks and adapt as the tools change [5].


On the other hand, adolescents and young adults are generally considered "digital natives," as they were raised using digital technology and have no difficulty speaking and utilizing new technological mediums with ease and familiarity [4].In the last few decades, Internet and digital technologies have become more commonplace.It is now customary to instantaneously connect and communicate with people using online social networking platforms or text messages.Another study using an expanded definition of cyberharassment to include messages received via the Internet, text messages, and emails in the last 6 months found a victimization rate of 9.8% [8].

Addressing cyberbullying and cyberharassment can be a challenge due to the anonymity of the perpetrator, and it can be extremely rampant given the speed and coverage of the Internet.

In order to understand the pervasive social, psychological, and cultural impact of the Internet on the lives of individuals, it is important to obtain a brief glimpse of Internet and digital technology usage and consumption. A study conducted in 2014 with 1,006 adults found that 87% men and 86% women used the Internet [93].



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