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You can update values,and insert and delete rows into the dictionary Data Grid View.You can set its Data Source, Display Member, and Value Member to bind the Combo to a foreign table The control gives an ability to get a nesting combo box that filters values from a related child table.For this case we have to define two string arrays with key fields' names Master Fields and Child Fields.


Although you can create your own types of cells the Windows Forms Data Grid View control is mostly column-based, rather than cell-based.

You can extend the Data Grid View control in a number of ways to build custom behaviors into your applications.

A column is an object that defines what the column looks and behaves like, including such things as color, font, and the presence of controls that will handle linked field in a database with the use of a Combo Box, a Date Time format Box and other control. NET code samples that describe the concepts and techniques that you can use to build Data Grid View features into your applications. NET Framework includes six types of Data Grid View column classes by default: Data Grid View Button Column, Data Grid View Check Box Column, Data Grid View Combobox Column, Data Grid View Image Column, Data Grid View Text Box Column, and Data Grid View Link Column classes.

Rustem Soft Data Grid View Columns dynamic link library contains the following Data Grid View Columns: The Data Grid View Combo Column contains combobox for a Data Grid View on your . The Combo column is not just a dropdown combobox, which appears when a Data Grid View cell becomes the current cell. Net Data Grid View Combo Column control has the following attractive features: This Data Grid View Combo column is not just a dropdown combobox, which appears when a Data Grid View cell becomes the current cell.

In a dictionary grid, you can view and edit related data in a child table.In your database a Master table has a one-to-many relationship with a Child table; so for each row of the Master table in Dictionary grid, you or your customer can view and edit the related rows of the Child table in a dictionary grid.



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