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XAP3 was an experimental 32-bit processor designed at Cambridge Consultants in 2003.There are other applications where XAP processors have been used to good effect, such as wireless sensor networks and medical devices, e.g. The XAP soft microprocessor has been implemented in several on-chip design styles, including self-timed asynchronous circuit, 1-of-4 encoding, fully synchronous circuit, The first XAP processor was XAP1, designed in 1994 and used for a number of wireless and sensor ASIC projects at Cambridge Consultants.



XAP2 was adopted by three fabless semiconductor companies that emerged from Cambridge Consultants: CSR plc (Cambridge Silicon Radio) is the main provider of Bluetooth chips for mobile phones and headsets; Ember Corporation is a leading supplier of Zig Bee chips; and Cyan Technology supplies XAP2-powered microcontrollers.

As a consequence, and combined with other licensees and Cambridge Consultants’ ASIC projects, there are now over one billion (1,000 million) XAP processors in use worldwide.



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