Updating a row in sql using php


Do realize that it is intended for beginners, so I didn't want to do anything too advanced that might lead to confusion. It's a basic system that allows you to: -- view existing records -- edit existing records -- delete existing records -- add new records Online demo: just imagine that you are in charge of a sports team, and you want to keep a list of all your player's contact information.

Yes, I realize I could use OOP, or could separate some of these out into methods, etc. The code I've created could be a starting point for that (it only includes fields for their first name/last name, but could obviously could be expanded to use more fields).

The UPDATE statement is used to update the records in a My SQL database table.

The UPDATE statement is used to change or modify the existing records in a database table.

(Anyone with PHP knowledge is welcome to comment on the code.


This is just a basic starting point for projects that require view/edit/delete functionality.

I know it may seem a lot to understand at first, but read all the comments in the code -- I try to explain what I am doing step by step.



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