Updating adopted federal tmdl air force rules on dating

The MOS accounts for uncertainty in the loading calculation.

The MOS may not be the same for all waterbodies due to differences in the availability and strength of data used in the calculations.

TMDLs have become an integral part of New Mexico’s Water Quality Management Plan.

is defined as “a written plan and analysis established to ensure that a waterbody will attain and maintain water quality standard including consideration of existing pollutant loads and reasonably foreseeable increases in pollutant loads” (USEPA 1999).

TMDLs are not regulatory documents, but they can be used to issue or modify permits for point sources.

Non-point source pollution problems are addressed through non-regulatory programs including CWA §319(h) grants.

IR Category 4b Demonstrations are also an important part of NM’s Water Quality Management Plan.

The NMED is the agency responsible for implementing and enforcing the regulations adopted by the WQCC, including the development of TMDLs.According to 40 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 130, TMDLs are the sum of the individual Waste Load Allocations (WLAs) for point sources and Load Allocations (LAs) for nonpoint sources (NPSs) and background conditions, and includes a margin of safety (MOS).



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