Updating avg in safe mode


I usually use it only when I want to remove something, so I can try to add it back on startup.

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(The locked files appeared on all AVG scans) So now AVG wont run.

It runs normally when the computer is running normally.

My computer was freezing up upon start-up after installing a windows update.

I would remove the update and the computer would return to normal. I ran an AVG scan andit gave me alot of errors on the log list and I am not sure but I believe it said they were fixed. I ran AVG again after my computer froze again and this time AVG would stop unexpectadley. It just displays "locked file" for almost everythign that it scanned.

Over the weekend some automatic updates ran on my XP computer and now my computer will only start in Safe Mode.

My thinking is "safe mode" could be called "minimal mode" It's barely enough to get Windows started.Typically used when the file system, device drivers or autostart services are seriously messed up.



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