Updating bashrc


Unfortunately, turns out that the global npm packages installed from this custom location like to use running as sudo) and that'll be that for the deployment (though it would suck for every other user on the system since they'd have to figure out their environments themselves).

Following is a link to this page's forum counterpart where you can post any related feedback and get more information about aliases: [1] Credits goes to Handy for his .bashrc guide.

I want to add a script directory in my home directory (for something different then just adding to bin).

After shutting an open Terminal window down & then restarting it, one can then test out their alias(s).

Or for a quicker way, after having modified the ~/.bashrc run the following command: To reload the configuration file.

Aliases can turn a complex command string into a simple custom made command that one can type in the Terminal. To upgrade the system via pacman, the command used is sudo pacman -Syu This can be aliased in .bashrc with- This list is not comprehensive.A user can add many aliases that (s)he commonly uses.



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