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The keyboard reminds us of the Black Berry Curve phones, except that the keys on the Black Berry Q5 are arranged in a more linear fashion and are spaced out.The keys offer good tactile feedback and are large enough for convenient and quick typing.After Black Berry Z10, its full-touch smartphone, and Black Berry Q10, a premium hardware keyboard equipped device, it's now looking at capturing the mid-range segment with the new Black Berry Q5.

The phone is taller and less curved, and looks more playful than the Black Berry Q10, which has a more serious appeal targeting business users.However, the Q5 also looks more plasticky, which is fair enough since Black Berry's aim was to cut costs.Just like the Q10, the front of the Black Berry Q5 features a square screen that measures 3.1-inch on the diagonal and the 35 key keyboard in addition to the 2-megapixel front facing camera, the notification LED and an array of sensors, sitting above the display.Also, since the Black Berry 10 OS relies a lot on swipe gestures, there's plenty of room to swipe into and out of the screen.


For years, Black Berry was prominently known as a device maker that focused on the enterprise segment.With cutthroat competition from the likes of Apple, Samsung and other handset makers that made Android devices, Black Berry made a move for the emerging markets, leveraging its messaging platform and making economy devices under its Curve series targeted at youngsters.



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