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Finally, to run freshclam in the daemon mode, execute #freshclam -d The other method is to use the cron daemon.You have to add the following line to the crontab of the root or clamav users N * * * * /usr/local/bin/freshclam --quiet to check for a new database every hour.The package also includes a virus scanner shared library.Install Clam AV in Debian If you want to install clamav in debian you need to add the any one of the following source list to your /etc/file deb sarge/volatile main or deb sarge main deb-src sarge main Once you add the above souce list run the following commad # apt-get update #apt-get install clamav this will install following packages clamav clamav-base clamav-freshclam libbz2-1.0 libclamav1 libcurl3 libgmp3 libidn11 ucf at the time of installation it will prompt for the following questions Virus database update method:daemon Local Database mirror site:db.local.HTTP proxy information (leave blank for none):none Should clamd be notified after updates?Quick test: run freshclam (as superuser) with no parameters and check the output.If everything is OK you may create the log file in /var/log (owned by clamav or another user freshclam will be running as (--user) #touch /var/log/#chmod 600 /var/log/#chown clamav /var/log/Now you should edit the configuration file (or if they're merged) and configure the Update Log File directive to point to the created log file.yes Manually update virus databases #freshclam Clam AV update process started at Mon Sep 11 2006 is up to date (version: 40, sigs: 64138, f-level: 8, builder: tkojm) is up to date (version: 1859, sigs: 4556, f-level: 8, builder: ccordes) Auto-updating Virus Databases freshclam is the default database updater for Clam Anti Virus.It can work in two modes interactive -- from command line, verbosely daemon -- alone, silently When started by a superuser it drops privileges and switches to the clamav user.

freshclam uses the database.round-robin DNS which automatically selects a database mirror9.1.

freshclam is an advanced tool: it supports database version verification through DNS, proxy servers (with authentication), digital signatures and various error scenarios.



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