Updating codecs on xbox 360

How can I get my Xbox 360 to download this Optional Media Update?

I'm trying to play some files from which looks to me in HD content. So creating one is a simple as signing into your gamertag and pressing the Xbox button and choosing Join Xbox live.(If you don't do this, and create an Xbox live profile without being signed in, this will result in another profile seperate to your original.

Just go to the "Search Games" option where you would manually type in the game name, and instead type in the word "optional" (or really just type OPT and it auto-finishes it for you).

I did this with a modded xbox and did not get banned.

Otherwise I never connect to live but this is the only way to get the optional media update I just did this (2013), it was really easy.

Also there are media streaming programs out there if you want to use third party programs like Tversity that will convert your files on the go to the Xbox's format. Then note that some file formats even with the optional media update will not play in the Xbox.

Unless your using a streaming program like TVersity.(That I have stopped using because it may or may not have vulnerabilities.

When I tried to play a WMV file it says I need a media update.

If you go through the menu screens, it will then download and install it. Try to play a divx under video library from portable device (USB).

It will give you an error code and then ask if you want to download the update and take you directly there.



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