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The Fine Manual worked for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS on a Dell Power Edge 2850.I didn't even have to use the kernel boot option reboot=bios.I just boot it up (it's cent OS-based), downloaded the needed upgrade files for Red Hat, run them, and then reboot back to the original system. I don't believe I actually used any of the tools on the CD, but the live environment was good enough to run SUU from the loop mounted image. You are likely missing the 32-bit compatibility libraries, preventing the 32-bit Java from executing.In the documentation, it explicitly states that SUU is a 32-bit application and what the dependencies are for running in a 64-bit environment.Error handling isn't always written well enough to give the most descriptive feedback.

The company I work for recently got hands on a batch of second hand Power Edge SC1425 machines. Our operating system of choice is Ubuntu Server 10.04 64-bit, which installs just peachy on this type of machine.Now I'd like to install the firmware updates from Dell, which are apparently marked as recommended.This includes the updates for the BIOS, the BMC, and possibly some other hardware.I find it incredibly difficult to locate the files on the Dell website, and install any of them on an Ubuntu system: I'm not sure it's what you're looking for, but I tend to upgrade Power Edge systems using the OMSA live CD from the Open Manage Dell site.

These are the dependencies as documented for Red Hat.

I suppose that they ought to be available for Ubuntu under the same or similar names; procmail, glibc, compat-libstdc++-296, compat-libstdc++-33, libstdc++, zlib, and libxml2.



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