Updating eclipse 3 3 to 3 4

You open the editor by selecting either the "Debug As The editor has a Boot-specific tab that has the following features: The Project and Main Type selection widgets are like those on the standard Java Launch Configuration Editor.However its 'Main Type Search' algorithm is tweaked to work better for Spring Boot projects.Enabling the Spring Properties Editor STS automatically configures Eclipse Content Types so that the Spring Properties Editor is used for any file called 'application.properties'.This is indicated by the 'Spring Leaf' icon in the Package and Project Explorer Views.Spring Boot App" menu still works as before except that it now creates a Spring-Boot-specific launch configuration.This configuration can then later be easily customized with the Launch Configuration Editor.Spring Tooling Spring Boot Properties Editor is a specialization of the default Eclipse properties editor.It understands Spring Boot's configuration metadata (this is information stored in "spring-configuration-metadata.json" files included in the jars of Spring Boot Dependencies).

General Updates Eclipse Luna SR2 (4.4.2) The default STS and GGTS distribution is now based on the just released Eclipse Luna SR2 release.Pivotal tc Server updated to 3.1.0 The latest Pivotal tc Server release 3.1.0 is now included in the STS/GGTS distribution bundle.



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