Updating forklift licence queensland

Really pissed me off as I was under the impression my licence was for life and it's not like they are getting you to retrain or advise on new safety rules for this new system, I just see it as a money making scheme from Work Safe. Only available at "selected Australia Post outlets" All done now at least, now we just wait for the new card to arrive in the mail in 28 days or so.

Forgot to say he had to pay to get passport regulation photo taken as well.

Nobody we spoke to with forklift licences knew anything about it.

After tomorrow if they haven't jumped through these hoops they'll have to redo the course and a 40hr logbook apparently.

I told them no way as they are for life but alas it's all changed to a new system.

I called up the new mob and explained my case even though it was now a year+ out of date apparently and they allowed me to pay and roll over to the new system.

Here in VIC it's a "Licence to perform high risk work" and needs to be renewed every 5 years at about dollars.

Hubby is pretty p***d off about his 'lifetime' licence being cancelled, being forced to pay , and having to renew every 5 years. especially with so little publicity over the changes?!

LOL Same thing happened to me here in VIC in 2011, after having my my forklift licence for 15 odd years my new workplace told me mine was expired.

have a QLD forklift licence that I received in 2007 through a previous employer and was wondering if it has expired and I need to renew or redo the licence. We found out yesterday (29 June) that hubby's QLD forklift ticket – supposedly a 'lifetime' ticket issued in 2004 – expires today (30 June).

Had to run around and find a post office that even had any forms, fill out form, get passport photo taken, pay and lodge at post office.



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