Updating gigabyte bios ga k8n pro


In this review PCStats is testing out one such option, the Gigabyte GA-K8N Ultra-SLI motherboard.

This board is targeted towards the mainstream market (as mainstream as SLI gets, anyhow), and supports all Socket 939 AMD Athlon64/FX processors.

If your OS (like Win XP) is already installed on SATA HDDs under ICH5R controller, please make sure to update ICH5R SATA RAID driver from our IUCD 2.4 or Gigabyte website first, then update bios F6 SCSI RAID mode limitations: A.

Both motherboards use the same PCB and at the top of the GA-K8N Ultra-SLI you can still see the silk screen for the DPS power system.

Instead of going with an active cooling solution on the NF4 SLI chipset, Gigabyte use a large passive videocard-like heatsink.

When SLI was first released there was a lot of hype surrounding it.

This also gives n VIDIA a leg up on ATi, which is supposed to be introducing SLI compatible videocards of its own in Q2 of this year.n Vidia's timing couldn't be better, as the patience of the enthusiast community was starting to wear thin.After the official release, it took two months for n VIDIA to release beta drivers which allow users to create their own SLI game profiles.Now gamers and enthusiasts can start to reap the full rewards of SLI, and get their money's worth in frame rates.

Many were questioning whether they should adopt the more expensive SLI option, or stick to one powerful graphics card.

Of course, before one can start gaming with an SLI set up, it is important to have the right SLI-compatible motherboard.



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